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Transformers 'Animated' Cast and Show Information

At Botcon during the David Kaye panel David Kaye himself gave away (what I imagine to be) the majority of the cast for the robots in the new 'Transformers Animated' series star... read »

Tags: News, Transformers
Taking Notes: Transformers Edition
Taking Notes: Transformers (2007)

So, this is going to be the first of what I hope to spin into a weekly column about the... read »

Tags: Column, Taking Notes, opinion, Transformers
Transformers Song Universe- CD Box, Coming Soon
5 disk Transformers set coming out in August (yeah, I have a preordered, I'm a needy Transformer fanboy....)

First up, the badass crazy cover.

read »

Tags: News, Transformers, Music, Import
Transformers Animated Comic Con Preview!
Transformers Animated at Comic Con!
The Video:
So, Cartoon Network's making a new Transformers animated series, right? We posted about that awhile back outlining s... read »

Tags: News, Comic Con, Transformers Animated, toys, preview
The Daily Quote- July 31st, 2007
Decided to go with something from Beast Wars today.

Destiny has one great test in store for us all. Has mine already come..? And have I failed it? A deed once done cannot be undone. But p... read »

Tags: Column, Quote, Transformers
The (not) Daily Quote- March 25th, 2007
Ah... Now I enter these hallowed halls... a conquerer. Yesss. Autobots and Decepticons, still frozen in Emergency Stasis. Awaiting the moment, four million years hence, when they will awaken to start ... read »

Tags: Column, quote, Transformers
Transformers Music Matrix DVD
Coming out in a few days in Japan (woulda given people the jump on this earlier, but with classes this semester keeping me busy I just overlooked it), April 2nd to be specific is...

read »

Tags: News, Transformers, Music, Import
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