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taking notes
Your search has yeilded the following results...
Taking Notes: Transformers Edition
Taking Notes: Transformers (2007)

So, this is going to be the first of what I hope to spin into a weekly column about the... read »

Tags: Column, Taking Notes, opinion, Transformers
Taking Notes: Volume 1
Here we are, the first real installment of Taking Notes. This week I want to kick it off with a bang with some recent comics for fans to enjoy. Today's Marvel heavy, but next time I am looking to... read »

Tags: Column, Taking Notes, opinion, Cable and Deadpool, X-Men, GLI, Hulk
Taking Notes: Harry Potter Edition
Taking Notes: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007)

Going back again, to the place where it all start... read »

Tags: Column, Taking Notes, opinion, Harry Potter
Taking Notes: I'll teach you to laugh at something that's funny! Edition
Taking Notes: The Simpsons Movie

Here we are yet again, with another non-canon edition of Taking Notes. As is the way it goes, ... read »

Tags: Column, Taking Notes, opinion, Simpsons, Movie
Taking Notes: Volume 2
You know, I had really intended to go weekly with this article, and I did pretty well for a little while, but then I-- fuck it, I am not going to patronize anyone with my poor excuses, and whining abo... read »

Tags: Column, Taking Notes, opinion, Booster Gold, The Flash, Ultimate Spider Man, TMNT, Driving Lessons
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