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Knightmare Review
Reliving the Knightmare

After re-watching some of my VHS’ (checking through various stuff in order to ditch) I stumbled across a very old Favourite Series that they used to show on CITV... read »

Tags: Review, knightmare
Transformers Animated Comic Con Preview!
Transformers Animated at Comic Con!
The Video:
So, Cartoon Network's making a new Transformers animated series, right? We posted about that awhile back outlining s... read »

Tags: News, Comic Con, Transformers Animated, toys, preview
More Game Updates(Dawn, Dusk, and Data Squad), info, screencaps and video
Got some new stuff from Namco/Bandai , some screenshots (Dawn, Dusk, and Data Squad), a video (Data Squad, actually had more than 1, but due to bandwidth concerns I found the one that was the most int... read »

Tags: Exclusive News, Digimon, Savers, Data Squad, Video Game, Dawn, Dusk, DS, preview, PS2
Preview of New WtW Scans Release
Just a small preview

Preview of New WtW Scans Release (image)

I only put up (relatively) small jpgs becau... read »

Tags: Feature, Preview
First HD Review on WtW Should Be...
I wonder what the first High Definition thing I review should be, check the poll connected to this in the forum and vote.... read »

Tags: Site, HD, Review
Anyone want an early review?
I was getting started on a review for a few new games, and a Blu-ray, and thought since I got a few dvds nearly a month early some people might want uber early reviews.

sorry for the crap... read »

Tags: Review, Early
Videogame Review, Playstation 3- Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online
It's time for a new review, and if old reviews are any indication, few people will read, and less people will care and/or post.

read »

Tags: Review, Tekken, PS3, Download
Small Preview of....something
It needs some editing first, but I clipped some off the backend as a VERY short preview.

Some of you know what it is, but if you do don't give it away, let people guess.

read »

Tags: Site, Digimon, Preview
New Evolve.7 Details! (Neo's Attacks!)
New details of the latest card game! Digimon Evolve.7 X-Antibody x Hybrid!

Type B HP 1520
Cost 10/Speed 1
Evolution: All Level 4 Digimon
&q... read »

Tags: News, Digimon, Cards, neo, preview
Videogame Review, Playstation 2- Digimon World Data Squad
It's time for the first Digimon console game since Digimon World 4 nearly 2 and a half years ago.
Videogame Revie... read »

Tags: Review, Digimon, Data Squad, PS2, Game, Videogame, Digimon World Data Squad
Digimon Data Squad - Episode 1: Review
So this is the first episode! Lets get down to business, right?

When a rogue Digimon appears, Yoshino Fujieda is called into action to find it. Part of a special or... read »

Tags: Review, Digimon, Data Squad
Videogame Review, Nintendo DS- Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
Console: DS / DS Lite
Price: $29.99 / £29.99
Type: RPG
After a long wait it finally arrived, the best damn game on the DS. Phan... read »

Tags: Review, Review, Zelda, DS, Videogame
Movie Review, Blu-ray, Queen Rock Montreal & Live Aid
Movie Review, Blu-ray, Queen Rock Montreal & Live Aid (image)

Where do you start when writing about Queen? I... read »

Tags: Review, Movie, Blu-ray, Queen, Audio
Speed Racer: The Next Generation- Pilot Review/Info
(same post I made at aod, minus the intro being gone)

Got to see the first part of the premiere movie.
After watching it, my primary thought is.... it's fucking Harry Potter wi... read »

Tags: Review, Speed Racer
The Fanboy Review- READDDDD
Now that it's been up for a week, I decided to make this post.

Now that FBR is up no more non Digimon news at WtW News.

I hope you guys will all go to our new site and r... read »

Tags: Site, Digimon, FBR, The Fanboy Review
Digimon: Data Squad, Collection One, Review at Fanboy Review
Digimon Data Squad Review

Go check out the review at... read »

Tags: News, Digimon, Digimon Data Squad, Savers, Data Squad, Review, DVD
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