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Transformers Animated Comic Con Preview!
Transformers Animated at Comic Con!
The Video:
So, Cartoon Network's making a new Transformers animated series, right? We posted about that awhile back outlining s... read »

Tags: News, Comic Con, Transformers Animated, toys, preview
More Game Updates(Dawn, Dusk, and Data Squad), info, screencaps and video
Got some new stuff from Namco/Bandai , some screenshots (Dawn, Dusk, and Data Squad), a video (Data Squad, actually had more than 1, but due to bandwidth concerns I found the one that was the most int... read »

Tags: Exclusive News, Digimon, Savers, Data Squad, Video Game, Dawn, Dusk, DS, preview, PS2
Preview of New WtW Scans Release
Just a small preview

Preview of New WtW Scans Release (image)

I only put up (relatively) small jpgs becau... read »

Tags: Feature, Preview
Small Preview of....something
It needs some editing first, but I clipped some off the backend as a VERY short preview.

Some of you know what it is, but if you do don't give it away, let people guess.

read »

Tags: Site, Digimon, Preview
New Evolve.7 Details! (Neo's Attacks!)
New details of the latest card game! Digimon Evolve.7 X-Antibody x Hybrid!

Type B HP 1520
Cost 10/Speed 1
Evolution: All Level 4 Digimon
&q... read »

Tags: News, Digimon, Cards, neo, preview
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