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ReBoot back in action?
I've never been that much of a fan of Reboot, but I know there are a few of you out there who are, including the big boss man himself, goc. So, when I stumbled upon Zeros2Heroes, announcing that ... read »

Tags: News, ReBoot, Comics, Movies
A 3rd Garfield Movie....with potential?
Later this year we get an all CGI Garfield movie.

But let me finish before the groaning and the 'Oh god not another Garfield Movie' begin.
It's all CGI, ... read »

Tags: News, Garfield, Movies
Some Garfield DTV Updates and....Yet another Garfield DTV?
Few Updates for Garfield Gets Real.

Jason Marsden is Nermal, and is one of the 'villians' in the film, wanting to usurp Garfield's position while he is away (apparently). <... read »

Tags: News, Garfield, Movies
Dear god...please be a mistake.....are they actually making...Live Action Dragonball Z
If the news report (please don't be...)is accurate, Fox will be shooting 3 big budget films in Canada next year.

Another Night, Sequel to Night at the Museum.

Sci-Fi rem... read »

Tags: News, Movies, DBZ
A THIRD Garfield DTV
Yes, they are doing yet a THIRD

First one came out a few weeks ago.

Second is next year (Garfield's Fun Fest)

Third is next year also I'd guess.
... read »

Tags: News, Garfield, Movies
Yet MORE Garfield
Looks like that first DTV has done better then believed.

Beyond DTV 2 and 3 coming...

Preliminary work has begun on a new Garfield SERIES.

No news on if it cgi o... read »

Tags: News, Garfield, Movies, TV, Series
WtW at the Movies
After asking members opinions I decided to go ahead with the idea of a weekly film with discussion thread.

Here's a link to the section.

read »

Tags: Site, With the WIll, movies
Digimon Movies Being Re-released On DVD In Japan
On June 1st the theatrical Digimon films will be re-released in Japan for 2500 Yen a DVD.

All of the theatrical films are being re-released minus the Savers film.

Both Advent... read »

Tags: News, Digimon, Adventure, 02, Tamers, Frontier, DVD, Movies
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