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The Return of Mego?!
Wow...just wow.

Most people my age are younger then the Mego crazyness.

Megos were these really neat action figures, DC, Marvel, Star Trek, and tons of other stuff.
read »

Tags: News, Toys, Figures, Star Trek
New Digimon Toyline- D-Arts
With more details, and now some detailed pictures figured it was time to make a newspost.

New Digimon toyline!

D-Arts will be a Figuart line focusing on Digimon.

read »

Tags: News, Digimon, Figures, Toys, Omegamon, WarGreymon, MetalGreymon, D-Arts
Tamashii Opens D-Arts site
Tamashii opened a site specifically for D-Arts showing images from upcoming toys and prototypes in the line.

They currently have images for Wargreymon, prototype images for Omegamon, and ... read »

Tags: News, Digimon, D-Arts, Figures, Toys
New D-Arts Figures Announced
Thanks to Ngee's blog and HobbyStockJP (and a few extra pictures from guys on our own forum) we have news of new D-Arts figures.

First up we have a Tai and Agumon set.
<... read »

Tags: News, Digimon, Adventure, Tai, Agumon, Taichi, Metabee, Gatomon, Tailmon, Figures, Toys
D-Arts Updates
A few D-Arts updates

First up we our first look at a near complete version of the Beelzebumon D-Arts, along with some of his alternate parts (with Behemoth coming with him I wasn't r... read »

Tags: News, Digimon, Tamers, Adventure, 02, Figures, Toys
D-Arts Dukemon to be released in the USA and Canada
Bluefin, an international distributor for Tamashii Nations has announced the upcoming D-Arts Dukemon figure will be released in the USA.

Pricing for the American release will be announced... read »

Tags: News, Digimon, Tamers, Toys, Figures, D-Arts
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