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Royal Knight Reviews?
So here's a small question for you guys?

Royal Knight Reviews?

Do you not like the reviews? Do you not realize they are there? (under the WtW Subsites forum stuff l... read »

Tags: Editorial
Little Problems are among us (aka Lost)
I know alot of times when we have new stuff it has lots of fun little glitches, like a section imploding, post counts hopping around and such.

I blame Lost.

read »

Tags: Editorial, Digimon
Royal Knight Reviews is moving to WtW News
We went ahead and moved all the Royal Knight Reviews stuff over to the WtW News forum, none of those reviews will show up at the news site, or the rss feed, but reviews in the future will be posted as... read »

Tags: Editorial, WtW
Celebi being Celebi, claiming we stole stuff
Just thought I'd post this to be clear on the matter.

Over at Celebi's site he claimed that WtW News stole news from DVR and didn't credit them.

It regards... read »

Tags: Editorial, Digimon
Digimon's 10th Anniversary is not August 1st
I've had a few people ask me what WtW was going to do for Digimon's 10th Anniversary on August 1st (apparently a few sites have posted that as the anniversary).
August 1st... read »

Tags: Editorial, Digimon
The Daily Quote- August 29th, 2007
I love Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

[to a customer at his comic shop, bending a comic's spine] It is a comic book, not your dick! Show some respect. Hold it like you'd hold a ... read »

Tags: Editorial, Quote
Stealing is bad....mkay?
To anyone who stole and/or is stealing from WtW News. We check, if we catch you red handed, we will make sure everyone knows you stole from us. I'm tired of this nonsense, and so are others in W... read »

Tags: Editorial, Digimon, Announcement
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