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E3 News- Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 for the Wii, Online Multiplayer
First bit of E3 news that might interest everyone. DBZ BT3 will have online multiplayer on the Wii.... read »

Tags: News, E3, Video Game, DBZ
E3 News- Microsoft Press Conference
Microsoft's press conference at E3 was held this evening, and for those who did not get to see it, I've got a rundown of much of the things that occurred over its duration. (Note, timing is ... read »

Tags: News, E3, Microsoft, Press Conference
E3 News- Nintendo Press Conference
Like Microsoft's before it, Nintendo held their E3 press conference this morning at 11am CST (9am PST), and for those who did not see it, the following is a run down of much of the discussion tha... read »

Tags: News, E3, Nintendo, Press Conference
E3 News- Wednesday- Part 1
Just gonna go over a few games that I'm interested in that I've seen stuff of really quickly (all games expected to come out this year).
Rock Band- Seems like a natural ev... read »

Tags: Feature, E3, Video Game
E3 News- Wednesday- Part 2
Konami's super announcement was just a new Silent Hill.
Now for some 2008 game.

Mario Kart Wii- Looks slick. Appears to use the style of the DS game but with Wii ... read »

Tags: Feature, E3, Video Game
E3 News- Sony Press Conference
Unlike Microsoft's and Nintendo's, and although I was around for it, I wasn't able to make real time notes of the event, and I am almost thankful, because I would have gone mad at the t... read »

Tags: News, E3, Sony, Press Conference
E3 News- Thursday
Honestly, not much interesting.

Only thing that was of any interest to me were the following 2 things.

Miyamoto said he die making games, that he would never ret... read »

Tags: Feature, E3, Video Game
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