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Digimon of the Month - Cyber Dramon
Digimon of the Month - Cyber Dramon (image)

During the long span of the Digimon franchise, many fan made Di... read »

Tags: Column, Digimon, cyberdramon, dramon, Tamers, Cards
[New Digimon] Wingdramon
[New Digimon] Wingdramon (image)

Thanks to Digi-Brigade for informing me about this! His name is Wingdra... read »

Tags: News, Digimon, Battle Terminal, dramon, New Digimon, Wingdramon
[New Digimon] Breakdramon (and more!)
[New Digimon] Breakdramon (and more!) (image)

[New... read »

Tags: News, New Digimon, Breakdramon, Dracomon, New Digimon, Wingdramon, Battle Terminal, dramon
New Digimon Battle Terminal 02 Web Comic!
Click Here!

Devimon trys to delete Dracomon, but Dracomon gets powerful all of a sudden, and deletes Devimon instead. Then... read »

Tags: News, Digimon, dramon, Dracomon, Manga, Battle Terminal
More Digimon Web Comic Goodness!
Chapter 2 of the Digimon Battle Terminal 02 Web Comic is up! It has cool new special effects, although the furigana is really blurred...... read »

Tags: News, Coredramon, Baihumon, Chapter 2, Digimon Battle Terminal Web Comic, Manga, Digimon
[New Digimon] Slayerdramon and Examon!
[New Digimon] Slayerdramon and Examon! (image)

This ad for Evolve.8 reveals Wingdramon's ultimate to be Slayerdramo... read »

Tags: News, Digimon, Evolve.8, Four Holy Beasts Reign Compilation, New Digimon, Examon, Slayerdramon, Breakdramon
V-Jump News
Digimon Championship goes on sale February 14 2008.

read »

Tags: News, Digimon, Slayerdramon, Examon, Evolve.8, Wingdramon, Breakdramon, Battle Terminal, V Jump
Examon and Slayerdramon attacks! [Videos]
Click here!

Examon and Slayerdramon attacking in Battle Terminal 02.

Note: The glowing Examon is... read »

Tags: News, Digimon, Examon, Slayerdramon, Battle Terminal
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