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Videogame Review, Playstation 3- Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online
It's time for a new review, and if old reviews are any indication, few people will read, and less people will care and/or post.

read »

Tags: Review, Tekken, PS3, Download
RUMOR RUMOR RUMOR- Toei On iTunes, Digimon Maybe?

I'm putting this in all caps because although I trust the source, it is SO not confirmed and I don't want people dying of happyness without confirmation.
read »

Tags: News, Digimon, Download, iTunes, Rumor
Data Squad Episode(s) Online
DisneyXD's Jetix Channel has finally started to add Data Squad stuff (last time me and Digistar checked was back in November or so).

So far there is just "The Wild Boy of the Di... read »

Tags: News, Digimon, Data Squad, Savers, digital video, download, video
DIGIMON ON-DEMAND (downloadable episodes)
The GREATEST exclusive news you could expect!

Toei On-Demand WILL have Digimon episodes on demand.

No confirmation of subbed or dubbed yet..

How do I know?
read »

Tags: Exclusive News, Digimon, Toei, OnDemand, Video, Download
02 Updated on D2D
Direct2Drive now has up to episode 30 of Digimon 02.... read »

Tags: News, Direct2Drive, Digimon, Adventure 02, 02, Download, Toei, OnDemand
Digimon Season 2 Complete on D2D
All of Digimon Adventure 02 is now up on direct2Drive Volume 1 for $40 and volume 2 for $40, each with 25 episodes, Individual Epiodes are still $2 each.

Thanks to Anubi for letting me kn... read »

Tags: News, Direct2Drive, Digimon, Adventure 02, 02, Download, Toei, OnDemand
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