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E3 News- Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 for the Wii, Online Multiplayer
First bit of E3 news that might interest everyone. DBZ BT3 will have online multiplayer on the Wii.... read »

Tags: News, E3, Video Game, DBZ
Dragon Ball Z on Blu-Ray
Looks like we know what Funimation's first HD release will be...
2 of the 3 Broly Movies (don't know why they wouldn't do all 3....)

AAA Anim... read »

Tags: News, DBZ, Blu-Ray
Dear god...please be a mistake.....are they actually making...Live Action Dragonball Z
If the news report (please don't be...)is accurate, Fox will be shooting 3 big budget films in Canada next year.

Another Night, Sequel to Night at the Museum.

Sci-Fi rem... read »

Tags: News, Movies, DBZ
Kyle Hebert Interview (WtW-Media, Audio)
Kyle Hebert Interview

Audio Interview with Kyle Hebert... read »

Tags: Site, Digimon, Site, Data Squad, PS2, Bleach, DBZ, Interview
Ton of very very early preliminary Funimation info
VERY preliminary information, dates, releases, and everything else subject to change.

Afro Samurai rerelease on August 26th, 2008(Afro Samurai 2 starting around then maybe?, also, all the... read »

Tags: News, DBZ, Tsubasa, School Rumble, Afro Samurai, Tenchi, Full Metal Panic, Anime, Funimation, Early, Info
DBZ Movie News....Roshi is
What the FUCK is up with this movie.

odd announcements make me think 'maybe it might be decent'

even makes me go 'the fuck is wrong with them'
(thos... read »

Tags: News, DBZ, Movie, Live Action
Revenge of the Early Funi Info, also ONE PIECE DVD INFO
Remember all that early Funi info I posted about in early December that got me bashed in threads at adult swim, toonzone, and elsewhere?

read »

Tags: News, DBZ, Tsubasa, School Rumble, Afro Samurai, Tenchi, Full Metal Panic, Anime, Funimation, Early, Info, One Piece
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