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ReBoot back in action?
I've never been that much of a fan of Reboot, but I know there are a few of you out there who are, including the big boss man himself, goc. So, when I stumbled upon Zeros2Heroes, announcing that ... read »

Tags: News, ReBoot, Comics, Movies
Writers Strike
Just thought I'd comment on the Writers Guild Strike.

Writers do deserve their fair share.

The Guild making threats against writers who do writing work for the Animation... read »

Tags: News, Digimon, Comics, TV, Animation
Fictional Concepts Explained- Explanation of the column
A new column at WtW News (still deciding on a name) will be me explaining a fictional concept as it works in the universe it's from.

How does superspeed work in... read »

Tags: Column, scifi, comics, anime, cartoon, animation, Digimon
DDP Voltron Returns- A Legend Forged
Anyone who read the DDP Voltron book knows it kicked ass, and got cancelled before it should have been (last issue was never even published).

After putting up the last issue online for fr... read »

Tags: News, Voltron, Comics, DDP
Spider Man Loves Mary Jane returns
In September.

Terry Moore will be writing with art by Craig Rousseau (we knew this, just not the date).

I await the return of 'Bitches'.

(if any... read »

Tags: News, NYCC, Spider-Man, Bitches, Comics
Mini Marvel's Digest Collection: Rock, Paper, Scissors
Finally a Mini Marvel's digest 'cries'...so awesome.

Mini Marvel's are small comics Marvel sometimes publishes in the back of certain comics, it is quite possibly the ... read »

Tags: News, Marvel, Mini Marvels, Comics
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