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July 26, 2007
Site changes (Updated!)

In site related news, we were experiencing problems in regard to former URL proper functionality, and rather than attempt the hassle of fixing these issues, it was ultimately decided to go with an easier method of handling, one not nearly as difficult and unwieldy to work with.

For those of you who hadn't noticed the change, we've gone from the long URLs that showed the page title to a more simple tag and number display. Such as this posts URL of:

As well, I regret to inform that in order to facilitate the change, it was required that I drop support for the old style of URL; so now any time a specific URL is used in the old style, it will be redirected to the index. So, for anyone linking out to WtW News content, be sure to adjust your links accordingly if necessary.

I have restored, to some degree, functionality for the use of the old URLs. The new process for which the old style URLs take is that of being directed to a notice page, and then redirected to the correct post.

I apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.

-- lost in thought

Tags: Site, Maintenance

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