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October 01, 2007
Digimon Data Squad - Episode 1: Review

So this is the first episode! Lets get down to business, right?

When a rogue Digimon appears, Yoshino Fujieda is called into action to find it. Part of a special organization that polices the activities of Digimon, Yoshi's orders are to find the digimon known as Raptor One and detain it at all costs; however her progress was quickly hindered when a young man named Marcus decided to battle with the Digimon.

Now, after a direct altercation between the two, she must find a way to deal with both Raptor One and Marcus in order to bring the rogue Digimon in and fulfill her orders.

For the first episode of the English dub of Digimon Data Squad, we're introduced to a small handful of characters right up front, such as:

Yoshino "Yoshi" Fujieda, voiced by Colleen O'Shaughnessey, which I am sure many are quite familiar with from the early series' as Sora, and presenting a voice and acting style in this role that's lightly reminiscent of the former, but ultimately seemed to capitalize well enough that I did not find myself hearing Sora, but a completely new character.

Additionally, for me, this is the very first time I've heard her perform the dubs version of what is roughly the characters catch phrase, and with that I fully expect it will become annoying after the first handful of episodes.

Marcus Damon, voiced by Quinton Flynn (Bleach, Naruto, Blood+), who presents the character as very squeaky voiced, but really head strong and determined. In so far the character of Marcus is fairly unestablished aside from those with only minor relevance information submitted later in the episode, but I out of personal interest Flynn has done a fairly good job at separating this voice from any voice I've heard of his in the past, and as the show continues I would like to think as he becomes more acclimated to performing in this way that Marcus will loose the nasilly lisp that was evident in certain scenes.

Sampson, voiced by Jamieson Price (Digimon, Bleach, etc.), who really seems to prevent a voice befitting the role. Even but direct, I have no question in my mind that he sounds like a leader and someone strong willed enough that he presents the air of someone who's orders should be considered absolute and not up to questioning.

Agumon, voiced by Brian Beacock (Digimon, Bleach, Bobobo, etc.) who turns in a performance equally as squeaky, but head-strong as Flynn's, although slightly more comedic. Vocally Agumon is almost grating on the ears, but I felt was easily made up for by the level of naivety displayed, and physical comedy surrounding him.

Among them were a few more characters which had been heard, however the aforementioned were really the only ones introduced through the episode, although it's worth mentioning that a strange old man happens to appear and almost had me expecting the classic elderly joke for that situation, but sadly it was not to be.

With the episode itself now, as good things tend to, it seemed to go quickly, especially in the pacing. It was like one moment we know all of nothing about these characters and yet the very next we're handed information by the bucket and almost expected to know exactly who they are now. Although I kind of expected the important introductions would be handled in such a way and for what it is, the episode played out well enough for it.

Although, the blackmailing was totally not cool at all. Shame on Yoshino.

A lot of what I am saying here is really up to what I've seen and felt on a personal level, and since I never saw the original Japanese language production of the series I have absolutely nothing to compare it to quality wise, so that leaves me there, with my opinion for what it may be worth.

Now as someone who hasn't watched the series since Adventure 01 and 02, due to a lack of entertainment that followed with the later series, I actually find myself incredibly surprised by just how much I enjoyed this episode. Initially I didn't expect to see a whole lot in it, although deciding I would give it the short it deserves anyway, and when it comes down to it I am not sure what really got me, maybe it was Cockatrimon and how it reminded me of 01 and 02, or maybe it was something else.

But I do know that that cop in the early part of the episode had a great voice. Hi Jeff!

This post is locked, and as such no comments can be made here. Any comments to be made about the review should be episode related and posted appropriately in the main discussion for the episode.

The Episode 1 discussion thread can be found here.

-- lost in thought

Tags: Review, Digimon, Data Squad

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