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September 24, 2007
Videogame Review, Playstation 2- Digimon World Data Squad

It's time for the first Digimon console game since Digimon World 4 nearly 2 and a half years ago.

In theory I was supposed to get review copies of all the new Digimon games from Namco/Bandai (still waiting on those), so I decided to go out and buy Data Squad on my own, and just give off the review copy when/if it shows up in a contest.

First, some equipment info. I played the game on a 27 inch CRT with a flatscreen that displays at 480i. I played the game on a Playstation 3 that emulates the Playstation 2 thru the use of the Playstation 2's hardware, it was hooked up with S-Video.

Data Squad is interesting because it is a game that is a sidestory to a show that hasn't started airring yet. So it gives us some previews of the voices, so let's start there.

First thing to say about the voices. They are all done very well. But that one little thing that often happens in dubbed RPGs happens here. The actors are forced to talk VERY fast the majority of the time, faster then they would need to when dubbing a show, which often makes lines sound forced. The few people I know with the Japanese version complained of the same thing regarding the Japanese cast.

I haven't finished the game so I can't go over everyone, I'll just go over a few voices that I specifically want to note then move onto the game (although I will answer anything about any of the other voices I have heard).

The voices all sound good. For Marcus, Flynn is digging into his anime pocket and pulling out something very close to Kon. It's a strong sounding voice, with a bit of whining in it. It works quite well with the character.

Beacock as Agumon does just as well. Tom Fahn fans will need to get used to a very different Agumon voice. His GeoGreymon voice sounds very....regal, royal almost, like a knight. RiseGreymon sounds similiar but with a bit more umph behind the voice.

O'Shaughnessey as Yoshino is the one that probably knocked me down the most. I was honestly just expecting her Sora voice. There's a subtle difference and it fits the character very well.

Siddall as Crier. The voice is very good, good enough that at first I could swear it was Mona Marshall playing him. Sounds very much like Tommy but with a bit more low end behind his voice. He spoke in a mock Tarzan speak.

Blum as Falcomon. Falcomon really suprised me. I expected Blum to do something like his Guilmon voice, or do something like Kaplan and add a birdlike 'hooooooo' to his voice, but instead it's....I'm not sure how to explain it. It sounds like a 'young' version of his voice he uses for Spike, Roger, and all the other characters we know so well. It's quite nice and refreshing since it's not a voice of his that I've heard before, and I look forward to his Ravemon.

Sheh and Higgins as Megumi and Miki were enjoyable. They talked alot more then I figured they would.

Hebert I've only heard his Belphemon. I hope he is Belphemon in the series. A growling almost roaring beatly voice.

Riegel as Kudamon.... I like the voice, but everytime I hear it I go...DONNY!

Now, you might wanna know why I spent so long on the voices, that's because, quite honestly....

the game sucks.

The graphics are fine, the sound is fine, the music at any given time is horrible, fine or 'thats kinda good'.

The graphics look best when you are looking at new Digimon that haven't been seen in 3d before, like the first time you see RiseGreymon it's just AWESOME, but then you go back to the same gameplay system.

Gameplay is repetative as all hell and is boring enough that often you feel PLAYING is getting in the way of the story rather then being part of it. Random battles happen far to often and due to the way the battle system is often you can't just skip it.

The games story I largely enjoyed. It seemed interesting, it's just to bad what seems to be maybe a good hour or 2 of story is blocked by god knows how many random battles.

Although random battles aren't even what bugs me, what bugs me the characters you fight. Each stage only seems to have certain 'sets' of enemies you fight. So you will constantly be replaying the EXACT same fight (including enemy placement) over and over and over, many times multiple times in a row.

The much advertised 'brand new and awesome' galactic evolution system is junk. It's just the system from Digimon World DS (certain levels and objectives and stats needed to evolve) with an annoying 'the objectives fill up stars in constellations to let you evolve' system that coul have been cool if it was necessary. Changing the look of a menu doesn't make it new.

I'd keep going but the game is a dissapointment, it really is.

30 bucks for this game and a sticker sheet come across as a ripoff.

Get the game only if you gotta hear the voices early.

Game- 4 out of 10
Graphics- 7 out of 10
Audio- 8 out of 10 (The voices make it go this high, the actual audio in the game is often rather generic, but it's not bad)

The game is just bad.

Don't spend the money and go get Rogue Galaxy instead, it's a fucking awesome RPG that is basically just full of Digimon actors and is far more worth the time.

The game is most dissapointing because it has been a year of some good RPGs, and September alone has 6 RPGs coming out, 4 of which are from Bandai, 3 of which are Digimon games. Every other RPG this month, from Digimon World Dawn, to Eternal Sonata, to Growlanser: Heritage of War, just blows Data Squad out of the water.

I can't blame Namco/Bandai USA for importing the game over with a new show coming out, it's just dissapointing that the game is just so bad.

-- godofchaos

Tags: Review, Digimon, Data Squad, PS2, Game, Videogame, Digimon World Data Squad

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