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March 03, 2008
Ninja Tribunal DVDs, and art

Well, we have coverart, and the date is still listed as the one I leaked back in December (May 20th), maybe we will finally get Ninja Tribunal on DVD (it's been canceled delayed for years now).

For those of you who don't know, the modern TMNT series ended on a cliffhanger, with the intention to resolve it, then move on to a 'new' series, the new series (Fast Forward) got moved up and was played instead of Tribunal, but scripting and some other preproduction work was far enough along Mirage got 4kids to forge ahead and do it anyways, the season was finished with the intention to be straight to DVD. Some episodes ended up on Comcast On-Demand, and a few weeks ago 4kids decided to air them (edited? I'm not sure) on 4kids TV before the new Turtles revamp series starts in the fall (fantastic preproduction artwork from that by the way).

Ninja Tribunal was a shortened season compared to the rest of the modern (2k3) series, and one episode wasn't animated (it was decided it was a tad to 'odd', and it didn't have any story elements for the season in it).

Notice that some of the turtles are using new weapons with only minor relations to their old ones, and with some of the tribal paint tattoos on them.

Looking forward to this, especially with the list price being only 17 bucks for the full set, that means it'll be 15 and lower at quite a few places.

Anyone else looking forward to this?

-- godofchaos


Tags: NewsTMNT, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, 4kids, DVD

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