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August 16, 2007
The Daily Quote- August 16th, 2007

It's time for 2 quotes, both from Doctor Cox from the television show Scrubs.

Doctor Cox- Well gosh, I guess I became a doctor because, ever since I was a little boy, I just wanted to help people. I don't... tell this story very often, but I remember when I was seven years old, one time I found a bird that had fallen out of its nest. And so, I picked him up, and I brought him home, and I made him a house out of an empty shoebox, and 'starts laughing' oh my God! I became a doctor for the same four reasons everybody does: chicks, money, power, and chicks.

Doctor Cox- Listen Vanessa Janice Tiffany Amber Thiessen. I'm gonna go ahead and give ya a little something I call Perry's Perspective. 1. If the guy in front of me in the coffee shop can't decide what he wants in the 30 minutes it takes for him to get to the register, I should be allowed to kill him. 2. I'm fairly sure that if they took all the porn off the Internet, there'd only be 1 website left, and it would be called Bring Back The Porn. 3rd, and most important, to be respected as a doctor, nay a man, you must me an ocean. You're born alone, you damn sure die alone, 'looks over and speaks to a cadaver rolling by' isn't that right spike? My point is, and you may want to jot this down... only the weak need help.

-- godofchaos

Tags: News, Quote

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