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August 12, 2007
Digimon Subtitled Officially?

ANN is hosting a poll Toei asked them to host about which of their shows you would like subtitled on VOD (either download to own, or via a Cable VOD service) and Digimon is included.

And it has been confirmed that at least in regards to VOD/Download to own, Toei owns the American Distro rights to anything listed (they might not have TV, but if it is listed, they can do it subtitled via VOD if they want if there is interest)

Very interesting at the least, link is in the Source.


-- godofchaos

Source: Anime News Network/Toei Poll (Cyberdramon)

Tags: News, Digimon, Tamers, Savers, Data Squad, Frontier, Adventure, Adventure 02

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