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August 15, 2012
Xros USA Thread, Updated with Trailer

Was gonna wait until I had more information, but at least one actor has spoken up about trying out for Xros Wars dubbed.

The dub is being done at Studiopolis. It's in the midst of casting, and the WWP pilot stuff has been tossed out (as was always the assumption.)

Rising Sun Tokusatsu noticed Ben Diskin mentioning he tried out for it.

Based on info from Diskin, it appears the names are being changed for the dub, but not the names WWP used. Taiki's name is similiar (off by one consonant apparently.) According to Diskin the term will still be DigiXros (although based on the way this stuff is done, that may be an early script.)

As for who has licensed it... that information is to come later.

Edit- Due to a few things being said less than privately...I can go ahead and say who the company is now... Saban Brands.

The first dubbed season will be 30 episodes.

Saban's longtime composer Noam Kaniel will be composing music for the series.

Edit 2- Saban Brands has confirmed they have it and it will be dubbed under the title Digimon Fusion, they've also confirmed they have the old seasons.

Edit 3- Here is the logo (thanks to BSCKids) Love that classic font...
(Click for larger)

Edit 4- Marvista put up their marketing trailer for the series

Fusion Marketing Trailer

The marketing trailer confirms a few details including Taiki's name being changed to Mikey, the term will be kept as DigiXros, and a few inter-spliced clips of Hunters seems to confirm they have that also. Try and guess the cast in the trailer...

-- godofchaos


Tags: News, Digimon, Xros Wars, Dubbed, English, Adventure, Adventure 02, Tamers, Frontier, Savers, Fusion

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