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July 14, 2012
Digimon on DVD in the USA, Updated w/ Info on 2 disk set.

It appears we will finally get a release in the USA for Digimon.

An Amazon listing appeared for season 1 from a company called New Video Group. This is the company that distributes the DVDs for The Guild, Red VS Blue, and Dr. Horrible.

If what little information in the Amazon listing is accurate the Season 1 collection will have the Adventure title on it, be 8 disks, and come out October 9th with an MSRP of 80 dollars, with Amazon's preorder price being 56.

I'm waiting on further information and will update when I can. The source link is an affiliate link to Amazon for the item, so buying it from Amazon using that link supports the site.

Update- Here is some preliminary cover art.

New Video says more information will be made available later, a bit to early before release at the moment. I'll be interested to find out who they are distributing the release for.

Update 2- A listing at Right Stuf has added that the set will come with a 40 page booklet that will have over 200 images and sketches.

Update 3- A listing appeared a few days ago for a 2 disk set on Amazon that lists the language as having Japanese audio and English subtitles, with a release date of October 9th (the same date as the 8 disk dub set.) New Video is listed as the distributor for this set.

An inquiry with New Video leads me to the belief that the listing is a mistake. New Video provided information saying they are only distributing one Digimon set, which is the 8 disk set. Either the listing is a mistake (or preliminary information that somehow became a listing), or New Video's name was put on the listing by mistake (or some combination of the above.)

-- godofchaos

Source: DVD listing at Amazon.com (Amazon.com)

Tags: News, Digimon, Adventure, DVD

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