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February 18, 2011
Xros Updates and... Major Changes?

Via 2chan, circa Kastic and posted by Razorsaw we have some Xros Wars changing coming.

Images and information we had in general suggested SOMETHING about the series was changing soon and we have a few ideas now.

Taiki, Nene, and Kiriha are all getting new outfits, and Kiriha a new hairdo.

Then we have an image showing Shoutmon (confirming that Shoutmon doesn't just 'turn into' the previously seen 'gold' Shoutmon permanently?) standing with the three of them in their new outfitsall standing over a Xros Heart logo...) along with the (previously seen) gold Shoutmon evolution (for lack of a better term at the moment) along with a gold Greymon evolution (once again, lack a better term.) and above them both a gold Shoutmon.... digixros? evolution?

edit- Names of the 'new' Shoutmon and Greymon have been largely confirmed in the thread as OmegaShoutmon and SiegGreymon (it may be ZekeGreymon, not 100% sure yet...)

edit- Poster image has been swapped out for a clean version.

And behind them Baguramon and DarkKnightmon, suggesting both villians will be sticking around for awhile yet (and Yuu appears to be floating between them...)

It'll be interesting...

-- NewsBot

Tags: News, Digimon, Xros Wars

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