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October 13, 2010
Jeff Nimoy not returning for Trigun movie

Via comments on his Youtube Jeff Nimoy has stated that while discussions did take place, he will not be returning to play Wolfwood in the Trigun movie.

Here is his comment as posted.

Actually I would have loved to dub the Wolfwood movie, but Funimation dubbed it already without me. They called me and wanted me to fly myself out to Texas from Los Angeles and put myself up in a hotel while they paid me less than the original series paid. I would have lost money on the deal. Then when I asked for more money, they went ahead and replaced me. Pretty cheap, huh? I guess they don't care about the´╗┐ fans. Sorry, guys, I would have loved to play Wolfwood again, but remember, I'll always be the original! -Jeff

While Funimation has brought back dub casts before, often with many of the original actors, shows have returned with major cast members not returning often suggesting or outright stating what Nimoy stated (the most well known example being Ryoko in the 3rd Tenchi OVA.)

Nothing was mentioned of the other three primary actors from Trigun, so here is a little bit of information for two of them.

Johnny Yong Bosch recently did work for Funimation in Sengoku Basara. While that isn't a guarantee he is back for Vash, it at the least suggests he is on good terms with them.

It's worth mentioning that in the comment Nimoy mentioned the dub was being recorded in Texas, so it seems unlikely that Lia Sargent will return as ADR Director. What, if anything this means for if she will return as Milly is unclear.

While not specifically Digimon news, the fans of Digimon tend to be Trigun fans, and with Nimoy being such a huge part of Digimon, it seemed relevant.

-- godofchaos

Source: Jeff Nimoy's Youtube

Tags: News, Jeff Nimoy, Trigun

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