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July 27, 2007
A 3rd Garfield Movie....with potential?

Later this year we get an all CGI Garfield movie.

But let me finish before the groaning and the 'Oh god not another Garfield Movie' begin.

It's all CGI, and they use the comic/cartoon designs.

And it has real voice actors.

And a plot that makes fun of the comic industry

It's story is based around Garfield deciding hes tired of being a comic strip, so he 'escapes' to the real world, then realises if he doesnt make it back before the newspapers are published, the strip would be cancelled because he wont be in it.

...could this maybe be good? Maybe? Wally Wingert is playing John, no idea who Garfield is yet, but nobody, NOBODY, can replace Lorenzo Music as Garfield, but maybe it'll be someone good.

I know it isn't good to get my hopes up that it'll be good, but with Jim Davis writing (Davis didn't write any of the recent live action movies, but DID do writing on the old cartoon) I'm hopefully that even if it isn't great like the old cartoon it'll at least be 'good'.

Garfield Gets Real, later this year on DVD (and there will also be Wii and DS game adaptions).

-- godofchaos

Source: Garfield Gets Real Official Site (Paws, Inc.)

Tags: News, Garfield, Movies

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