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August 07, 2010
New Digimon Toyline- D-Arts

With more details, and now some detailed pictures figured it was time to make a newspost.

New Digimon toyline!

D-Arts will be a Figuart line focusing on Digimon.

The first three figures will be MetalGarurumon, Omegamon, and starting it all off will be WarGreymon.

WarGreymon will be out in November for 3,465 Yen.

No release date news for the Omegamon or WarGreymon yet or news on who else may be included. Who would you like to see in the line? (And who do you think will be reasonable guesses for who may be included, even if you want someone else?)

-- godofchaos

Source: WtW Discussion Thread (WtW)

Tags: News, Digimon, Figures, Toys, Omegamon, WarGreymon, MetalGreymon, D-Arts

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