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July 22, 2010
Information on Xros Wars Music Releases (Updated: Tracklist for OST)

We got some information on the CDs.

First up we have an OST.

Composer- Yamashita Kousuke
Catalog No.- COCX-36471
Price- 2,940 Yen
Release Date- 9/29/2010

Then we have the Xros Heart single.

We Are Xros Heart!
Singer- Wada Kouji
Catalog No.- COCC-16418
Price- 1,575 Yen
Release Date- 9/29/2010

So both are on the same day. Stranger is there doesn't seem to exist a listing for a single for the intro song yet. Perhaps that is from a listing that hasn't appeared anywhere yet or will be planned for release closer to Christmas or any number of other explanations...

The Xros Heart single also seems to suggest there will be a song with Takatori Hideaki (best known to anime fans as the person who did Sonic X's themesong with Kageyama) in it. Whether this suggests he is in Xros Heart itself with Kouji, or perhaps does a B-side of it on the single is unknown (it could also be a mistake in the listings.)

Should also mention, none of the normal importing places have these listings up yet, it appears they are meant for listing in early/mid August, so keep checking and you'll be able to preorder them soon.

Update- Coverart for the OST

Updated- Better copy of the Xros Heart Cover

Tracklist for the single CD-

1. We Are Xros Heart- Wada Kouji
2. Blazing Blue Flare- Takatori Hideaki
3. Dondokomon de Moriagare!!- Sakurai Takahiro
4. We Are Xros Heart (Karaoke)
5. Blazing Blue Flare (Karaoke)
6. Dondokomon de Moriagare!! (Karaoke)

New Update- Tracklist for the OST

We finally have a full tracklist for the OST

1. "Digimon Xros Wars" main theme (DEJIMON KUROSU WOAZU mein teema)
2. The start of the adventure (bouken no hajimari)
3. Crossing over the earth (daichi wo koete)
4. Sky, sea, and mountains (sora to umi to yama to)
5. Memories (omoide)
6. With a heart full of hope (kibou wo mune ni)
7. The approaching shadow (semaru kage)
8. Bagura Empire (BAGURA teikoku)
9. Invasion (shuurai)
10. A hard fight (kusen)
11. Offense and defense (koubou)
12. Taiki's theme (TAIKI no teema)
13. Xros Heart of friendship (yuujou no KUROSU HAATO)
14. As the wind blows (kaze no fuku mama)
15. Sometimes peacefully (tama ni wa nodoka ni)
16. Friends with passionate hearts (atsui HAATO no nakamatachi)
17. Mysterious girl (MISUTERIASU GAARU)
18. The lone traveler (kodoku no tabibito)
19. Hearts touch (fureau kokoro)
20. The Empire's strategy (teikoku no sakubou)
21. Unease (fuan)
22. Tension (kinpaku)
23. The angry Empire (ikareru teikoku)
24. The imperial army heads out (teikokugun shutsugeki)
25. Battle in Digital World (BATORU IN DEJITARU WAARUDO)
26. Begin the attack (kougeki kaishi)
27. A strong enemy appears! (kyouteki arawaru!)
28. Life fading (kieyuku inochi)
29. Fighting spirit (toushi)
30, DigiXros (DEJIKUROSU)
31. A bond that brings hearts together (kokoro tsunagu kizuna)
32. Journey (tabidachi)
33. To the world of tomorrow (ashita no sekai e)

Thanks to onkei for the translation.

Very oddly there don't appear to be TV versions of Never Give Up or We Are Xros Heart on the disk (unless some of the tracks are misnamed.)

-- godofchaos

Tags: News, Digimon, Xros Wars, Music, CD, Wada Kouji

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