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June 21, 2010
Xros Wars site translations pt 2

A summary of the general storyline.

General Story
One day, Taiki Kudou finds that he's the only one who can hear a strange melody. From that melody comes someone's voice calling faintly for help, a voice that sounds even now to be close to death...

"I... can't just turn my back on him!"

Shoutmon's heart reacts to Taiki's voice, causing the mysterious device, the Digimon X Loader to appear! Shoutmon's melody, close to disappearing for good, is sucked into the X Loader, and in that moment, Taiki is pulled into another world...!

Arriving there, what Taiki sees are the Digital World's monsters, Digimon, fighting each other. In this strange other world, the Bagura Empire's army, intent on claiming sovereignty, vigorously advances, attacking Shoutmon's peaceful village with all of its troops at that very moment. Although the superhuman Ballistamon fights back bravely, the defending party is all weak.

Recovered from being inside Taiki's X Loader, a monster comes out of it. That is Shoutmon. Shoutmon fights desperately alongside his village friends. However, the Bagura army is fiercely strong, putting Shoutmon and the others in grave peril. Unable to be indifferent to the danger, Taiki protects Shoutmon. At that moment, the X Loader reacts. At Taiki's command, Shoutmon and Ballistamon fuse together!

"This is... Digi-Xros!"

That was the moment when the fusion "Digi-Xros" that was even special in the Digital World took place!! With the help of Digi-Xros, Taiki, Shoutmon and the others drive away the Bagura army. Watching them was a boy soon to be Taiki's formidable rival, Kiriha Aonuma, and his team, as well as the mysterious beauty, Nene...!

Fighting against the Bagura empire's army, who schemes of taking over the Digital World, Taiki and Shoutmon's group grows bigger as they become allies with Dorurumon.

As he fights together with Shoutmon, does Taiki wish to become the Digital World's king, or simply bring about a return to peace?

Now in the Digital World, an epic war begins!!

-- Onkeikun

Source: Story (Toei Animation)

Tags: News, Digimon, Xros Wars

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