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June 21, 2010
Xros Wars site translations pt 1

In celebration of both Digimon Xros Wars sites being updated today, here are exclusive translations of character profiles to tide you over.

Cross Heart
Taiki Kudou: The protagonist of this story and a 7th grade boy. His catchphrase is "I can't turn my back on them!" Although he has a soft heart, he is a child prodigy who is unaware of his own genius. He has no desire or ambition to push someone aside to show off his own abilities, but he ends up kicking ass anyway when it's something that he started up to help someone in need. Because of this, he is popular as a backup player and this leaves him constantly exhausted. A broad-minded fellow, his tolerance of others even attract Digimon to him. His childhood friend Akari saves him so many times from danger that he feels forever indebted and is at her beck and call. His father is a sports trainer who tours around the nation, so he lives alone with his mother.

Akari Hinomoto: 6th grade girl and Taiki's childhood friend. Although a year younger than Taiki, she acts as the wife who supports his inner self. She is well aware of Taiki's genius ever since they were young and believes that she should keep on the lookout so Taiki doesn't end up being used in some strange way. Once Taiki entered middle school and became heavily involved with clubs, she considered this really bad and began following him around even more. Perhaps because of her natural "big sister" personality, she supports the backup and healer Digimon of the whole army, acting as peacemaker for large groups such as those of Starmon and Pickmons. She lives with her parents and younger brother.

Zenjiro Tsurugi: Taiki's classmate. After losing to the then-amateur Taiki at a kendo championship competition, he has been tailing him ever since to settle the score. He proclaims himself to be Taiki's eternal rival. An exceedingly sensible person, he insists on troublesome things like how etiquette in a duel should be properly implemented. Because of this, Taiki feels awkward around his presence, and Akari very obviously tries to chase him away. On the other hand, he grows familiar with the enemy's mentality and becomes a supporter for the good-hearted Taiki and Digimon. His parent runs a mechanic-type business. Thanks to this, he is knowledgeable about machines and does repairs to Ballistamon.

Shoutmon: The main Digimon character. Extremely confident in himself, he can take violence a little too far, but at the same time he is a hardworker. A nice guy who walks a straight path to becoming the Digimon King. Charmed by Taiki's personality after Taiki saves his life, he proposes that they subjugate the Digimon world together and become its rulers. An intuitive person, his evaluation of others is surprisingly never off the mark. He gets irritated at Taiki for having no ambitions, and there are times when he loses his temper because Taiki makes fun of him, causing him to fall for even the simplest trap.

Ballistamon: Shoutmon's partner... or rather, a wife-like Digimon who couldn't leave Shoutmon well enough alone and ended up sticking by his side. With its overwhelming power and armor, it becomes the group's shield. An honest warrior who never speaks a word. On very good terms with Taiki, Akari, and Zenjiro.

Dorurumon: A free spirit with a constant smirk. A wanderer who lives as freely as the wind. Although he is skilled in combat, he is not particularly interested in accumulating military results or dealing the final blow. Because he appears apathetic and cool, he is consistently at odds with Shoutmon. Yet despite his cynical side, there is the sense that he has not given up completely on dreams...

Starmon and Pickmons: An idiotic Digimon unit who call Shoutmon their bro and look up to him with the deepest admiration. An ambush-type, they fly through the air in numbers to attack, or fuse together to become a sword, showing a surprisingly remarkable level of involvement. Weak to the notion of "looking cool," there are times when they are easily manipulated into demonstrating their power through this idea.

Blue Flare
Kiriha Aonuma: Although in the same grade as Taiki, he attends an elite school. Already, in the Digital World, he has command of a large number of Digimon through his genius tactics and direct control of powerful Digimon. Seeing Taiki's latent abilities, he invites Taiki to join him as his subordinate but is turned down.

Nene Amano: A beautiful girl with many mysteries surrounding her. She is always searching for strong soldiers. Sometimes she will lend Taiki a hand, and sometimes she will curry favor with Kiriha or the newborn empire, causing Taiki some trouble.

-- Onkeikun

Source: Character Profiles (Toei Animation)

Tags: News, Digimon, Xros Wars

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