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May 20, 2010
Newspaper article on Xros Wars

Onkeikun here. Godofchaos invited me to join WtWNews to provide you all with upcoming Xros Wars news, so here's to being of service for the next month or so!

There was a small article on XW printed in the entertainment section of Mainichi Shimbun today, and while I'd already picked out the main parts of it from earlier, here's the full version of it as my debut post on WtW News. :]

Keeping in time with "Digimon Xros Wars," the newest of the big hit TV anime series "Digital Monsters" that will be coming back this July after 4 years, there was an announcement conference on the 20th at Bellesalle Akihabara (Tokyo city, Chiyoda district) about handheld toys and new goodies in relation to the new show. Takayama Minami-san who will be voicing the protagonist Kudou Taiki made an appearance at the conference, and she promoted the new series by saying "this series is created by a group of *the* most capable members around, so for the time being, I hope it becomes a show that will be enjoyed and loved forever by a broad range of generations."

"Digimon Xros Wars" was born from the big hit handheld device toys "Digital Monsters," and is the 6th newest TV anime show to appear after 4 years when its predecessors went on air between 1999-2006. Its story is about a 7th grader Kudou Taiki, who obtains an item called the "Digimon Xros Loader" which can give power for the Digimon to Digixros (fuse). He is thrown into a different world known as the "Digital World" with his friends. Taiki teams up with his partner, a Digimon named "Shoutmon" who possesses a lock spirit, and the two lead a Digimon army to face their enemies. Takayama-san said enthusiastically that the voice actors involved are "members who are not only of an older age group but who get easily excitable. But our teamwork is fine. The casting is at a heavy level, so I think we'll go about by showing you the inner power of us veterans."

To match with the broadcast of the new series, Bandai will release the "Digimon Xros Loader" (7140 yen) in October, a handheld device toy where one can compete with their monsters while raising them. In the anime, it appears as the key item that calls up Digimon or allows them to fuse, so among items of similar type, it will be the first to be equipped with color LCD. It will also come with voice recognition, and one can use it to obtain new Digimon through nearby sounds, and even have limited edition Digimon transmitted to it from sounds of the cell phone or television. It also comes with wireless so you can communicate with other players while enjoying battles with your armies. What's more, it can even be used as an MP3 player that can hold up to 50 songs, and if you insert the Digi-memory that is sold separately, you can call up legendary Digimon that had once starred in the past.

The TV anime "Digimon Xros Wars" will begin broadcasting from TV Asahi on July 6th at 7:27PM. (Mainichi Shimbun Digital)

-- Onkeikun

Source: Digimon Xros Wars: With its "most capable members," Takayama Minami gives it seal of approval, announcement of related goods on sale in Oct (Mantan Web)

Tags: News, Digimon, Xros Wars

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