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May 18, 2010
Lots of new Xros Wars info, including cast and Premiere info and even more!

First off, premiere info:
The first episode will air on July 6th, and the show will get the 7:27-7:57 timeslot.

Then we have cast info:
Taiki Kudou- Minami Takayama (Dorumon in X-Evolution, and Conan in Detective Conan)
Shoutmon- Chika Sakamoto (Agumon from Digimon Adventure)
Akari Hinomoto- Ryoko Shiraishi (Kaede in Negima, and Hayate in Hayate the Combat Butler)
Zenjirou Tsurugi- Daisuke Kishio (Kicker in Transformers Superlink, and Imadori in School Rumble)
Kiriha Aomema- Takeshi Kusao (Trunks in Dragon Ball Z)
Nene Amano- Houko Kuwashima (Sango in Inu-Yasha, Kagura in Azumanga Daioh)
Dorurumon- Takahiro Sakurai (Tentomon from Digimon Adventure, Cloud from FF, Suzaku from Code Geass)
Sparrowmon- Kokoro Kikuchi (Chika in Digimon Savers, Akito/Agito in Air Gear)
Monitormon- Yuuko Maruyama (Kawauso in Gegege no Kitaro)
Tactimon- Bin Shimada (Foxy/Walpol in One Piece, Ken Nakajima in You're Under Arrest)

And as the cast list shows, we finally know of new human characters, hooray! (Description translations blatantly borrowed from onkei-kun!):
Akari Hinomoto - Taiki's childhood friend and one year younger than him. She worries about Taiki because he is always doing the unreasonable.
Taiki Kudou - A hot-blooded 7th grader who saves the weak. He fights with Shoutmon and is the main character.
Zenjirou Tsurugi - Taiki's classmate and kendo boy who proclaims to be Taiki's "eternal rival". He hates things that are immoral/injust.
Kiriha Aonuma - 7th grader who leads and fights with Greymon. He eliminates enemies with cold and calculated methods, spreading the influence of his power.
Nene Amano - A beautiful girl who leads a mysterious army. She appears to be searching for strong soldiers for a purpose, but...?

The new Digivice is apparently called the Digimon Cross Loader.

Next up, we have confirmation that Digimon is getting a new manga in V-Jump starting in August. We don't have a title yet but based on the picture it is definitely Xros Wars related (maybe an adaption of the anime or maybe a whole new story with the characters, we don't know yet.)

Then we have the scans that all this info is from (it's all mixed up together between the scans, which is why I'm just including it at the end.)

V-Jump Scan 1
V-Jump Scan 2
V-Jump Scan 3

Edited to add staff info.
Producers - Tomoharu Matsuhisa (TV Asahi) (Producer for Stitch! ~Itazura Alien no Daibōken~) &
Hiroyuki Sakurada (Toei Animation) (Producer for Diablomon Strikes Back movie, Konjiki no Gash Bell, Gegege no Kitaro)
Series Director - Tetsuya Endou (Director for Hikaru no Go and Saiyuki)
Series Composition - Riku Sanjou (Writer for Dragon Quest movies and screenplay writer for Gegege no Kitaro)
Character Design/Chief Art Director - Akihiro Asanuma (Chief Art Director for Digimon Savers)
Art Design - Shinzou Yuki (Art Director for Diablomon Strikes Back movie and Yes! Precure 5)

-- godofchaos

Source: (Toei's Digimon XW Site)

Tags: News, Digimon, Xros Wars, V-Jump

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