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April 02, 2010
New Digimon Series In July.... Confirmed Via Image?

Are we starting to get confirmation of the info that slipped out last year about new Digimon coming soon?

ANN put up an article seemingly confirming it based on a retailer putting up product listings for what seems to be new Digimon phone straps coming out in July, which is when the Summer anime season tends to start.

The listing also specifically makes mention of a new Digimon animated series.

Assuming the info is correct (spelling and translation may or may not be correct), the series will feature: Shautomon, Dorurumon, Barisutamon, Gureimon, and Monitamon.

Digistar went ahead and did her own translation and here is what we have so far (these may or may not be accurate by her own admission): Shoutmon, Dorurumon, Barisutamon/Baristermon, Greymon, and Monitormon.

That doesn't confirm it for sure, but it is definitely more concrete than the info we had last last year.

If you want to see the product listing yourself (which is also in the source article at ANN)- New Digimon Phone Strap Listing

Definitely worth hoping for though.

Update- Ngee Khiong posted a picture that I'm mirroring that nearly confirms a new series- New Digimon Series Image

The source of the image is another Japanese web store that confirms a July release: Product Page

Thanks to GuilmonORGDukemon for noticing the image.

It's always good to wait for official information before declaring it official, but it's looking quite likely.

-- godofchaos

Source: WtW Forum Thread (Multiple Source Credits in Article)

Tags: News, Digimon, New Series

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