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April 03, 2009
Digimon 02 at Funimation Video

edit- The episodes are up, and I sent a few messages to Funimation and got them to use a better description.

Digimon Adventure 02 page at Funimation Videos

While it isn't up at the moment...

Funimation has signed a new partnership deal with Toei, so alot of their shows will be showing up at Funimation Video. Canada and UKers get to see it also.

It looks like all of 02 will be up in one fell swoop in about 2 weeks. For the time being, they added Fist of the North Star.

Maybe some heavy Digimon traffic will lead Funi into looking into DVDs?

-- godofchaos

Source: Funimation Video Portal (Funimation Press Release)

Tags: News, Digimon, Adventure 02, Video, Funimation, Toei USA, Toei

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