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July 12, 2008
Saber Rider on DVD!

At Otakon a full series release of Saber Rider will be announced for DVD.

Saber Rider was another anime 'americanized' by the people at WEP (Voltron).

And it was ludicrously awesome.

Here's the jist of the show

space cowboys
in powersuits
and one of them fights with a sword
on a robot horse
...and they have spaceships
and a giant robot
and the giant robot is Optimus Prime, and he's named Ramrod
also, one of the villians is a ghost pirate alien

Link to the show opening that WEP put on Youtube for those of you who can't believe such a show could exist.
Saber Rider Opening (each episode had different opening narration for that days episode, and goddamn did each one sound exciting as hell)

-- godofchaos

Source: Studio Gives Gossip about Complete Series DVD Release (TVShowsonDVD)

Tags: News, Saber Rider, DVD

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