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July 05, 2008
AX Day 1 (and 0) Licenses

Just a quick list of stuff we know from day one anime wise.

ADV- not dead, split with Sojitz, since they actually paid for all the licenses thru ARM, ARM retained the licenses for the shows they got for the last 2 years. ADV is going after 23 different shows at the moment. Evangelion live action movie is still being worked on, 3 different studios are talking to them about it (and something was mentioned about the director of Ex Machina helping with design work?).

Bandai- Code Geass audio dramas will be dubbed. Gundam 00 dubbed by Ocean, and will air an hour a week on SciFi starting in November. Bandai has Hayate the Combat Butler.

Dub cast for Gurren Lagann (sub only DVDs being released now, dual language starts in November). As we previously knew (thanks to me, bwahahaha) Tony Oliver is the director.
Cast List
Simon: Yuri Lowenthal
Kamina: Kyle Hebert
Yoko: Michelle Ruff
Viral: Sam Riegel
Rossiu: Johnny Yong Bosch
Kittan: Christopher Smith
Leeron: Steve Blum
Nia: Hynden Walch
Kiyoh: Karen Strassman
Kinnon: Stephanie Sheh
Kiyal: Gina Bowes
Lordgenome: Jamieson Price
Tetsukan: Tony Oliver
Tony Oliver will also be the narrator

As for Bandai Visual stuff, which will be released by Bandai under the 'Honneamise' label.

Freedom will be on Blu-ray, and dubbed. Normal DVD release next year.

Gunbuster/Diebuster- the Gattai Movie will get a Blu-ray release, and a 3 disk Blu-ray special edition.

Viz- Hunter x Hunter later this year. Death Note boxsets soon. Third Naruto Movie later this year.

Right Stuf/Nozomi- Aria soon, then more Aria. More Emma. More Marimite. Gakuen Alice in a boxset subbed only. The old Toward the Terra movie will be released on a remastered DVD and cross promoted with the modern TV show from Bandai. Captain Tylor will get a new thinpak box, fully remastered using the R2 remastered masters. People who own the Tylor Ultra Boxes will be able to trade them in.

Now for the biggun.

Funimation- Releasing Geneon stuff. So far it seems to just be 'continuing' releases of certain Geneon shows that didn't get finished, or were new when Geneon went 'poof' (

Geneon Shows Funi will distro
Ergo Proxy
Hellsing Ultimate
Black Lagoon
Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage
Kyo Kara Maoh! Season 2
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Elemental Gelade
Fate/Stay Night
Ninja Vixens
Paradise Kiss
Rozen Maiden
Rozen Maiden - Träumend
Shonen Onmyouji
The Familiar of Zero
The Story of Saiunkoku
When They Cry - Higurashi
The Law of Ueki

First 'new' Geneon disks we will hopefully star to see next month.

Then Funi licensed a MESS of shows from ARM that they got when ADV and Sojitz split ways (guess they don't wanna deal with the USA market themselves, so just licensed them all to Funi)

Shows from ARM, that ADV had
Ah! My Goddess Season 2
Air Gear
Air (movie)
Blade of the Phantom Master
Comic Party: Revolution
Coyote Ragtime Show
Devil May Cry
Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor
Jing, King of Bandits: Seventh Heaven
Jinki: Extend
Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora
Le Chevalier D'Eon
Moeyo Ken
Moonlight Mile
Murder Princess
Nerima Daikon Brothers
Pani Poni Dash!
Project Blue Earth SOS
Pumpkin Scissors
Red Garden
Sgt. Keroro
Tokyo Majin
UFO Princess Valkyrie
Venus Versus Virus
The Wallflower
Welcome to the NHK

Stronger shows will continue in singles where they left off if they weren't done, weaker ones will go straight to boxset. No idea for the shows that WERE finished, but they plan to release them all. They are talking to ADV about having them finish the production of shows for consistancy. First disks of these shows should hopefully show up in the fall

Funi also announced Ouran's cast and some release info.

Ouran Cast
Caitlin Glass: Haruhi Fujioka
Vic Mignogna: Tamaki Suou
Greg Ayres: Kaoru Hitachiin
J. Michael Tatum: Kyoya Ohtori
Luci Christian: Mitsukuni Haninozuka
Mike McFarland: Ryuuji "Ranka" Fujioka
Patrick Seitz: Umehito Nekozawa
Todd Haberkorn: Hikaru Hitachiin
Travis Willingham: Takashi Morinozuka
Aaron Dismuke: Yasuchika Haninozuka
Brittney Karbowski: Hinako Tsuwabuki
Carrie Savage: Momoka Kurakano
Cherami Leigh: Kirimi Nekozawa
Christopher R. Sabat: Ritsu Kasanoda
Eric Vale: Toru Suzushima
Jamie Marchi: Chizuru Maihara
R Bruce Elliott: Kasanoda's Father

Will be released in 2 13 episode boxsets, first Boxset in October.

(Just to make clear, that is over 50 shows announced in 2 days, and they haven't even HAD their panel yet.)

That's all I can think of for now.

Thanks to 2 anonymous con reporters, and extra information gleamed from AnimeNewsNetwork and giapet.net

-- godofchaos

Tags: News, Anime Expo, Funimation, Viz, Geneon, ADV, Right Stuf, Tylor, Alot

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