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June 27, 2008
Digimon Data Link - Burst

This was posted on the Entertainment Earth Site

"Based on the 5th season of Digimon: Data Squad, this wave 2 set of toys and figures feature the fierce digital monsters portrayed in the animated series. The Digivice DataLink is an electronic toy for boys that enable them to enact fierce battles with their virtual Digimon monsters. This set of 2 pieces contains the following: 1x Shine Grey Mega (Burst), and 1x Mirage Gao Mega (Burst) Subject to change.) Each Digivice DataLink electronic toy includes one character that boys can groom, feed, train and prepare for Digital monster battles with other Digimon owners. Using the unit's infra-red technology, boys can "battle" their monsters while trying to defend the universe and to gain their opponent's DNA skills. With the DNA scanner feature, boys can also collect DNA skills for their electronic digital monster by collecting and scanning the DNA metal chips included in the Digimon character action figure sets. The unit also includes 7 mini games that boys can play to train their digital monster in battling skills and strength training exercises. Boys can also play any of the mini games to earn points to purchase exclusive items or to unlock unique, new characters."

It seems that the motion sensor is gone & replaced by some tacky looking sticker.

They state it's out in August while other sites still state July.

-- Vande

Source: Entertainment Earth

Tags: News, Digimon, Digivice

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