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July 20, 2007
New Mobile Report Gundam W Remastered- Boxart for Everything in 'Release Period 1'

Bandai Visual Japan has given out the covers for singles 2 thru 6. This takes us thru the end of Limited Box 1 and the halfway point of Gundam W(ing).

So here are all the covers, box and singles, that make up the first 'release' period of the remastered Gundam W DVDs.

First the Limited Box.

And now here are the singles.

Generally I like the art on the covers, minus a few problems.
Duo's smile looks 'wrong' (much like Heero's head does on Volume 1.) And Quatre's pose seems so different from everyone else's, everyone is standing in relatively reserved poses and hes sorta 'poses' weeeeeeeeeeee with his arms waving.

Like the covers though, look forward to seeing if they use these or something else in the limited box.

And remember, there are 3 'release periods' for Gundam W.

First Box and the singles of those 6 volumes.
Second Box and the singles of those 6 volumes.
Third Box and the singles of the 3 OVA disks.

-- godofchaos

Tags: News, Gundam, Wing, DVD

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