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April 09, 2008
DDP Voltron Returns- A Legend Forged

Anyone who read the DDP Voltron book knows it kicked ass, and got cancelled before it should have been (last issue was never even published).

After putting up the last issue online for free awile back, and having an Omnibus come out last week (Waid's origin story for Zarkon was awesome) DDP will be doing more in their Voltron continuity that is BOTH a sequel and...an ORIGIN for Voltron.

From their press release-
"The pieces of Voltron’s history will finally come together this July in a brand new 5-issue miniseries from Devil’s Due Publishing. Voltron: A Legend Forged will bring the Voltron Force face to face with a spectacular quest, 1200 years into the past. Everything Voltron fans know about the iconic machine will be changed forever."

While I'm wary of an origin story for Voltron, I really enjoyed DDP's continuity (minus it's tendancy to swing a bit to Allura heavy, which it appears the miniseries will continue if the covers say anything) and hope this means we will get more after the miniseries ends.

Covers for the first issue that ships in July of "Voltron: A Legend Forged." (dayummmmmm is Cover A sweet.)

-- godofchaos

Tags: News, Voltron, Comics, DDP

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