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March 30, 2008
Transformers Music Matrix DVD

Coming out in a few days in Japan (woulda given people the jump on this earlier, but with classes this semester keeping me busy I just overlooked it), April 2nd to be specific is...

Transformers Music Matrix

(Neat Cover)

A DVD, containing all the OP/ED videos from the Japanese Transformers' series (and the Japanese Openings to the American shows, not including Beast Machines), from the original, up thru Galaxy Force.

[edit by goc- While my Japanese skills are....non-existent, the Japanese track list I have for this doesn't seem to have any mention of Car Robots, I'll put a full tracklisting up once I get it translated and can confirm this)

Plus a few extra videos from the Japanese Beast Wars 2 movie and the OP/ED to Transformers Z/Zone.

[edit by goc- tracklist wasn't originally here, thanks to Fenrir for translating]

Transformers Music Matrix

Tatakae! Chou Robot Seimeitai Transformer

Shimonari Satoko
Peace Again
Shimonari Satoko

Tatakae! Chou Robot Seimeitai Transformer 2010

Transformer 2010
Hirose Shou
What's You
Hirose Shou

Transformer The Headmasters

The Headmasters
Kageyama Hironobu
Kimi wa Transformer (You Are a Transformer)
Kageyama Hironobu

Tranformer Choujin Masterforce

Choujin Masterforce no Theme (Super God Masterforce Theme)
Igarashi Toshiya
Moero! Transformer no Theme (Burn! Transformer Theme)
Igarashi Toshiya

Chou Robot Seimeitai Transformer V (Victory)

Transformer V (Victory)
Kaya Kouji
Seibertron Banzai
Kooroki '73

Beast Wars Chou Seimeitai Transformer

War War! Stop It
Shitamachi Kyodai
For the Dream

Beast Wars Metals ~Chou Seimeitai Transformer~

Tamashii no Evolution (Evolution of the Soul)
Kageyama Hironobu
Ba Bi Bu Be Beast Wars
Kageyama Hironobu and the Ba Bi Bu Be Bombers
Sennen no Soldier (Soldier of the Millenium)
Kageyama Hironobu
Kageyama Hironobu

Chou Robot Seimeitai Transformer Micron Densetsu

Transformer- Dream Again
Psychic Lover
Never Ending Road
Psychic Lover
Transformers ~Koutetsu no Yuuki~ (Courage of Steel)
Takatori Hideaki
Don't Give Up!
Psychic Lover

Transformer Superlink

Taiyou no Transform!! (Transformation of the Sun!!)
Kitadani Hiroshi
Calling You
Tanimoto Takayoshi

Transformer Galaxy Force

Call You... Kimi to Boku no Mirai (The Future of Me and You)
Shinji Kakijima
Issei Tomoka
Ignition- Ignition!
Growing Up!!
Shinji Kakijima

+Bonus Tracks+

Transformer Z (Original Video Animation)

Transformer Z (Zone) no Theme
Mizuki Ichirou
Ashita no Kimi e (To the Future You)
Mizuki Ichirou

Beast Wars Metals ~Chou Seimeitai Transformer~ (Theatrical Film)

Hajimari no Uta (Song of Beginnings)
Katsu Seiji and Ishinari Kenzou (?)
Hateshinai no Kono Sora E (Toward This Neverending Sky)
Katsu Seiji and Ishinari Kenzou (?)

Beast Wars Chou Seimeitai Transformer ~Gekitotsu! Beast Warrior (Clash! Beast Warrior) (Theatrical Film)

Hello! Toughness
Katsu Seiji and Ishinari Kenzou (?)

Beast Wars Metals Convoy Daihenshin (Convoy's Great Transformation) (Theatrical Film)

Ano Yume no Kanata e (To That Dream Over There)

Item Code- COBC-4726
Price- 3,150¥
Release Date- April 2nd, 2008

PS- While the cover clearly calls it 'Transformers Music Matrix', different retailers from Japan have it as different names, the most common one being "Transformers Theme Song DVD Collection", use the item code to make sure you order the right thing

-- godofchaos

Tags: News, Transformers, Music, Import

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