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July 15, 2007
Digimon Choushinka Best 2!- CD Tracklist, and news on Digimon Memorial CD

The new Digimon CD coming out at the end of August now has a tracklist (Actually known what it would be for awile now, but mistakenly thought it has been posted already...if it turns out it was posted already in English, oops sorry, lemme know and I'll credit you)

1. Butter-Fly
2. I wish
3. keep on
4. Target~Akai Shougeki~
5. Ashita wa Atashi no Kaze ga Fuku
6. Itsumo Itsudemo
7. The Biggest Dreamer
8. My Tomorrow
9. Days -Aijou to Nichijou-
10. FIRE!!
11. Innocent~Mujaki na Mama de~
12. an Endless Tale
13. Gou'ing! Going! My Soul!!
14. One Star
15. Hirari
16. Ryuusei

OPs and EDs from all 5 Seasons/Series. Nothing new. Makes you wonder why there isn't a tracklist for the one coming out in early August.

This comes out on August 22nd and will be limited edition, the last day it will be available is December 31st of this year.

Hopefully we get coverart for this and the other disk soon.

Which gets into the other disk.

It appears the Memorial Disk might be having a name change, a few places now have it listed as 'Digimon Compilation' while a few places list it as title undecided, and quite a few places seemingly have no listing for it at all. Seeing as how it comes out in nearly 2 weeks, hopefully we will get some more info on it that we can give you guys.

-- godofchaos

Tags: News, Digimon, Tamers, Savers, Frontier, Adventure, Adventure 02, CD

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