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December 22, 2007
Mysterious Cities of Gold DVD Update

Mysterious Cities of Gold is finally getting an awesome release.

Maybe now when I talk about the series with people they won't go "Dude, I'm pretty sure that wasn't a series, it was an episode of Inspector Gadget"

* All 39 Episodes With Fully Restored Picture And Sound
Previous plans we posted about called for 3 different releases from Fabulous, each with two discs containing 13 episodes. Fabulous Films has instead decided to go with a 6-DVD set with all 39 episodes in a single package. They have not yet started the authoring and encoding process, so the number of discs could potentially change. They tell us this: "we want to get the DVD compression rate right, so the quality of the restoration (picture and sound) can be appreciated". Sounds great! There may be releases later on that break up the big package into smaller chunks, but for now they are going mainly with one Complete Series release.
* Dubbing Cast Interview Documentary Featuring The 4 Lead Characters
* Interview With Creators Jean Chalopin And Bernard Deyries
* Interview With Composer Shuki Levy
While the above-mentioned interviews with the Cast and the Creators are already recorded and "in the can", the Shuki Levy interview won't be filmed until after the New Year holiday. There's no reason at this time to believe it won't be on the DVDs, but nothing is certain until the interview actually happens, of course!
* Phillip Schofield Broom Cupboard Singalong
This item is pending legal clearances, so it is not yet certain to be included on these DVDs.
* Karaoke Singalong
* Original Storyboards
Unfortunately this extra cannot be included, because all of the storyboards could not be located. Instead, Fabulous hopes to substitute it with an interesting look at the development process, using some of the storyboards they do have, and comparing them to the final animations.
* Original Concept Designs
* Cast And Crew Biogs
* Episode Synopses
* Subtitles
English subtitles are confirmed; they are not yet certain if any other languages will be included.
* Series Synopsis
* Deleted Scenes
Deleted Scenes are not completely nailed down yet, but probably will be able to be included.
* All 39 Original Documentaries
For those of you who don't recall, this item refers to the short features at the end of every episode, each roughly three minutes long, that went over the actual history of a subject that figured into the story just watched (such as the Amazon rainforest, or the Straights of Magellan, or an object quested after or encountered). All of them will be included, as originally broadcast.
* Medallion
This gold medallion, a physical reproduction of the item from the show, is still not finalized for inclusion with HMV's release, but rather still "in discussions". However, if it DOES happen, then it would an HMV-only exclusive, so it wouldn't likely be seen anywhere in the USA...except for the unlikely event that a local retailer makes a similar negotiation to include it, or something similar to it. USA fans shouldn't get their hopes up on getting this item.
* A3 Poster
A poster of the show. By "A3" they refer to the size of the poster, which is roughly 11 inches by 17 inches (43cm x 28 cm).
* Booklet
* 6 Collectors Postcards
The number "6" isn't set in stone yet; it may end up being more or less than 6.

-- godofchaos

Source: Update on Plans, Contents & Extras for DVDs of Nickelodeon-aired Cartoon (TVShowsOnDVD)

Tags: News, Mysterious Cities of Gold, DVD

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