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July 12, 2007
New Mobile Report Gundam W Remastered- Info and Boxart for Limited Box 1 and Single 1

I bet out there in Digimon Fan Land we have a few fans of this series, so some neat news.

Starting in August, New Mobile Report Gundam W (Mobile Suit Gundam Wing) is getting a new release in Japan.

They went back to the original masters, fully cleaned them up and all that neat stuff. Scanned them in at 1080p for future presentation, then went and made nice 480p DVD masters from them.

The series will be released 2 ways. Singles, and Limited Boxes. One Limited Box a month for 3 months (first half of series, second half of series, and ovas). Singles will be done largely the same way (first 6 singles first month, last 6 second month, OVA singles third month).

TV series itself is spread out over 12 disks with plenty of room to breathe for visual quality. The Operation Meteor OVA (also known as Odd & Even Numbers) will be over 2 disks. Endless Waltz will have it's own disk.

I've seen the remastering they've done to the original Gundam series and the 90's OVA 08th MS Team and if they do half as good a job on the Gundam W/Wing stuff as they did on those it will truly look brilliant.

No screenshots yet of what they look like, but we have boxart of first box, and the first single (and it is all new art).

and a few '3d' angles of the box

View 1 of the Box
View 2 of the Box

I got a copy of all 3 boxes preordered, because I need remastered Gundam... now I just gotta figure out how to combine the audio and subtitles from the R1s to these new ones to make uber DVDs for myself.

-- godofchaos

Tags: News, Gundam, Wing, DVD

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