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December 10, 2007
Ton of very very early preliminary Funimation info

VERY preliminary information, dates, releases, and everything else subject to change.

Afro Samurai rerelease on August 26th, 2008(Afro Samurai 2 starting around then maybe?, also, all the dates are 2008, so thats the only time I'm gonna say it)

Balder Force Ova in May (I'm assuming this is BALDR FORCE EXE Resolution)

Claymore Volume One in August 12th (Did we know Funimation HAD this show yet?)

Darker Than Black Vol. 1 August 19th

DBZ Movies 1/2 Bluray on May 27th
and on the same day Movies 1/2 in a single DVD release....REMASTERED! (ugh...although cropping isn't an issue, and hopefully they figured out how to downscale....)

Dragonball GT Season 1 set on June 10th (Remastered?)

Dragonball Z season 5 remastered on May 27th

Full Metal Panic (Second Raid?) Boxset on May 20th

Hana (2006 live action comedy?) May 20th (did we know this was licensed...or is it something else like Hana Yori Dango) {edit by goc: Hana WAS announced as a theatrical release from Funimation over the weekend, this is the first news of a home release though, and it is indeed the live action comedy, my bad}

Sasami (Season set?) August 12th

School Rumble Extra Class OVA June 17th

School Rumble season 1 set, august 12th

Shinobi Live Action Film HDDVD May 13th (Comments from Funi at the NY con this past weekend suggest they have 'officialy' chosen Bluray...so is this release cancelled? or did the person speaking not know what they were talking about?)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- Ninja Tribunal Set May 20th (These are the unaired episodes that finished off the story that was started right before Fast Forward started, 4kids does seem to have decided to go ahead and air this in the spring though)

Tsubasa Season 2 Volume 1- August 19th

-- godofchaos

Tags: News, DBZ, Tsubasa, School Rumble, Afro Samurai, Tenchi, Full Metal Panic, Anime, Funimation, Early, Info

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