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November 28, 2007
Billie Piper's in the Tardis again

She left at the end of Season 2. (Series 2 for you Brits, and I'm using new series numbering)

Was replaced by Catherine Tate playing Donna for one episode.

Then we had Freema Agyeman as Martha for a year (whose character left in the Season 3 finale).

So far in the upcoming Who year we have.

Kylie Minogue playing a chick on the Titanic in the X-Mas episode.

Donna showing up for a full season.

Martha showing up for a few episodes of Torchwood before joining up with the Doctor and Donna for the second half of Season 4.

And Rose will show up in 3 of the 13 Season 4 episodes.

The villians the Sontaran's will show up again (after 35 years), along with the Ood from the modern Season 2.

Gotta wonder who else will show up.

I'm hoping for Captain Jack and K-9 personally.

With the finale rumored to have a few other old companions of the Doctor showing up you gotta wonder who the season villian we be. Davros maybe?

-- godofchaos

Source: Billie Piper to return to Dr Who (BBC News)

Tags: News, Dr. Who

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