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October 24, 2007
[New Digimon] Slayerdramon and Examon!

This ad for Evolve.8 reveals Wingdramon's ultimate to be Slayerdramon. He's the blueish dragon Digimon that looks like a cross between DORUgoramon and Shine Greymon Burst Mode.

It SEEMS that Breakdramon and Slayerdramon merge to become the Royal Knight Examon (the reddish freaky dragon thing). Or both of them are just able to evolve into him.

Exa is a prefix used to represent a quintillion. Breakdramon and Slayerdramon's names might be refferences to the Dramon Breaker and Dramon Slayer.

-- Sakuyamon X Tera

Tags: News, Digimon, Evolve.8, Four Holy Beasts Reign Compilation, New Digimon, Examon, Slayerdramon, Breakdramon

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