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October 06, 2007
Digimon Card Game Alpha Evolve.8?

According to Tera who got his information from Rariigo:

*Evolve.8 will be released January of next year. Apparently two of the Super Rares will be Holy Beasts (the four holy beasts).

*"My Favorite Digimon" will appear in E8 (I'm going to assume Tera is reffering to his favorite Digimon... Don't ask me who it is). Some "Yellow Dragon" [Edit: he might be referring to Huanglongmon]???

Tera [or Rariigo] is being pretty cryptic... We'll probably know more later. Also, I may have misunderstood... But there is a mention of a new game coming up next term???

-- Sakuyamon X

Source: Tera

Tags: News, Digimon, Cards, Evolve.8

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