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July 06, 2007
Digimon Frontier DVD Box Art

Was randomly surfing around Amazon Japan tonight and something new showed up in a Digimon listing and it seems I am the first person to notice...

Showing up quite early compared to the 02 and Tamers boxes (which the art was only put up on most sites the day of, or the day before they came out) the boxart for the Frontier box has shown up on Amazon Japan.

Digimon Chronicle Box-3: Digimon Frontier

It should also be noted this box was put up quite early for preorder compared to the other 2. (Both of those showed up online only a month or 2 before release, this one has been up for awile now.)

I preordered my copy awile ago and you can all expect nice high res scans of everything just like with the last few boxes (also the 2 new Digimon CDs coming out the same month also.

Here's the art. I quite like it. This one seems to break up the theme the last 2 had with a 'bold/clean' border color around the pictures with a 'worn book/paper' motif, but with the 'paper' covering the 'clean' color. Wonder if it is final or just a test image.


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Source: Amazon Japan

Tags: News, Digimon, Frontier, DVD

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