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September 14, 2007
New Evolve.7 Details! (Neo's Attacks!)

New details of the latest card game! Digimon Evolve.7 X-Antibody x Hybrid!

Type B HP 1520
Cost 10/Speed 1
Evolution: All Level 4 Digimon
"It is impossible to analyze this mysterious Digital being with our current technology!"
Unknown type.

A Judgement 1060
B Zero Genesis 920
C Protect (A to 0) 560

*Limit one card only
*This Digimon can only evolve through option cards.

Duftmon X (he's an Ultra Rare) is confirmed and BabyDmon and Petitmon also have cards! Medievel Dukemon and Magnamon X are also confirmed, and Fairymon is confirmed as one of the hybrids in the booster (as well as Vritramon and Ardhamon).

I'll do more translations later!! ^^; Keep checking back this thread for more!

-- Sakuyamon X

Source: Terahit's Blog

Tags: News, Digimon, Cards, neo, preview

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