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September 12, 2007
Ikki and Metabee Return, Medabots DVD Release

Good news for Medabots fans (I didn't watch it religiously, but it was a fun show), and I know lots of Digimon fans LOVE Medabots (damn near were sister shows weren't they?)

I've been informed by an anonymous source that Shout Factory will be doing Medabots on DVD in 2008 (I'd assume dub only, but who knows, Shout has always done fan friendly super awesome releases and they are one of my favorite DVD companies)

Same person tells me Shout is also going to be doing the DVDs of Oban Star Racers.

edit- I'm listing this as rumor though, while I checked and found confirmation about Oban from Shout, I wasn't able to find such confirmation about Medabots. And yes, I am aware the show got a previous DVD release, but as far as I know it stopped nearly half way thru the series.

No news on language tracks for either just to reiterate

-- godofchaos

Tags: News, DVD, Medabots, Oban, Rumor

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