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September 08, 2007
Alpha Evolve.7 and New Original Digimon Contest Details!

The Digimon Carddas site updated with a new poster for Alpha Evolve.7: X-Antibody x Hybrid. The caption below the shadow (who is speculated to be Duftmon X) states, "The first appearance of this Royal Knight with a X-Antibody!!" Really nice close ups on the art too, Black War Greymon X looks amazing.

Also news details of the Original Digimon Contest being held this month. The deadline is October, 31, 2007 (although that doesn't really matter to us). One winner will get the highest award, with his or her Digimon getting an official illustration, an appearance in the card game, a winning prize certificate, and an assortment of Digimon goods. Five winners can also get the Excellent Prize, and will receive a winning certificate as well as an assortment of Digimon Card Game Alpha stuff. There's also the V-Jump Special Prize, which is the same as the Highest Award (only one winner as well). Winners will be announced in the February issue of V-jump (December 20th release), and in the official site in the middle of December.

By the way, the same contest in the past was also responsible for making, Zanbamon, Pandamon, and Orochimon official.

-- Sakuyamon X

Source: Digimon Carddas

Tags: News, digimon contest, Cards, Digimon, Royal Knights

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