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August 20, 2007
Some Garfield DTV Updates and....Yet another Garfield DTV?

Few Updates for Garfield Gets Real.

Jason Marsden is Nermal, and is one of the 'villians' in the film, wanting to usurp Garfield's position while he is away (apparently).

Frank Welker is someone (Odie I hope, although I wonder if even Welker can do Odie as well as Berger did.)

And something else, I had seen art from this and the name before I put up the news article about the original, but wanted to wait until I was sure it was actually being made and not just tests, or something for a ride that was mislabeled.

A SECOND Garfield Direct to video movie.

Garfield's Fun Fest!, coming in 2008.

First one isn't even out yet but it has been confirmed that a second is already being made.

And it has already been recorded.

Only actor for Fun Fest confirmed thus far is Wally Wingert playing Jon, same as in the first.

No news on who is Garfield in either/both yet.

-- godofchaos

Tags: News, Garfield, Movies

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