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July 01, 2007
Funimation News From AX07- One Piece, Negima, and more

Used to go to AX myself but having friends go and send news is fun also.

First for the shows licensed

Planet of the Beast King
Darker than BLACK
Tsubasa (Season 2)
Negima!? (also known as Negima Season 2, starts story over)

They also have the license to Love Hina now, which they will begin to release in 2008 (I assume they will be using the old dub from that.)

Also, expect a limited edition 2 disk 'uber' version of the Shadow Chronicles at some point.

Now, for the One Piece news.

The cast is great.

Luffy- Colleen Clinkenbeard
Zorro (Zoro?)- Chris Sabat
Usopp- Sonny Strait
Nami- Luci Christian
Sanji- Eric Vale
Chopper- Brina Palencia
Robin- Stephanie Young

And it appears that on the DVDs he will be called Zorro/Zoro and not 'Zolo'.

On the TV airring it will use the 4kids dub names for any characters that had name changes. (DVDs will have everyone with their proper names.)

Movie 8 will be released next year on DVD.

And it also appears that the themesongs will be dubbed for the English tracks on the DVD (and on Cartoon Network I'd assume.)

Makes me smile.

Unfortunately the random curse of every Funimation being screwy in one way has come into play it seems.

They won't be able release the first two seasons on DVD for an unknowable portion of time because Viz has the DVD rights for them.

-- NewsBot (Anonymous)

Tags: News, Anime Expo, DVD, One Piece, Love Hina, Tsubasa, Negima

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